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see-clear-ity Clear Bags

Price: $32.55

Clear backpack.  Made of durable 20 gauge PVC.  Easily cleaned with soap and water.  Great for school!

Finished dimensions: L 12"    W 10"   H 21"


(Sku#: SEEBAC)
Price: $25.99

Clear briefcase.  Unique design helps reduce contraband.  

Finished dimensions: L 17.5"   W 3"   H 13"

(Sku#: SEEBRI)
Price: $26.25

Clear duffle bag.  Ideal alternative for your gear.  Premium zipper for lasting performance.

Finished dimensions: L 27"   W 14.5"   H 9.5"

(Sku#: SEEDUF)
Price: $25.20

Clear purse.  Handy internal zipper pouch and pockets.  Also used as a lunch bag.

Finished dimensions: L13.5"   W 4.5"   H 8.5"

(Sku#: SEEPUR)