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Endurance Beds


Tough intensive use furniture.  Rotationally molded polyethylene beds are bed bug resistant.  One piece design provides strength while offering a durable alternative and a "less institutional" look.  These beds- ideal for behavioral health- can be mounted to the floor.  Beds pass Cal 133 flammability test.  A 10 year warranty covers these American made products.  Two bed sizes are available.  Smaller bed accommodates up to a 30" x 75" mattress.  The integrated side storage may be eliminated when placed against a wall. Larger bed accepts up to a 36" x 80" mattress.  Integrated side storage is an option on the larger bed.  These beds coupled with our sealed seam mattresses offer a bed bug resistant solution that is easily cleaned/disinfected. Field installed restraint rings can be added to convert to a restraint bed.

 Available in black, blue grey, brown (shown here), green, or slate blue.