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Firehouse Mattresses


 Pinnacle Hygienic Series Premium Mattress

  • No inner springs - 2 solid foam core options

  • Fire retardant - tested to stringent standards

  • Derby’s cover fabric acts as a virus barrier- anti-odor

  • Cover will not crack – warranty against cracking
  • Free patch kits available for accidental punctures

  • Comfortable, durable mattresses

  • Perfect for hot bunking situations

  • Easily cleaned and sanitized with a bleach solution

  • Unlike many sewn mattresses, the Derby Pinnacle won’t give bed bugs a place to hide!

  • Zero stitching

  • RF Welded seams combined with Derby’s high performance cover material create a fluid resistant mattress that will not crack


           Firehouse Mattress Brochure (PDF)


100% Sealed Seams

Standard single density
foam core

Optimal integrated memory
foam topper provides
added comfort



Proudly Made in the USA