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Single & Double Bunks

Durability is Essential

The Derby STEEL double bunk featuring the Derby “Blue” patented correctional mattress (shown above with optional welded drawer, welded locking hasp, welded ladder, and welded safety rail).

We offer single and double bunks - 10 or 12 gauge bed pans, which can be either floor mounted or wall mounted. They may be shipped primed or powder-coated. Other options include welded drawers, welded locking hasps, welded ladders, welded safety rails, and 12 gauge slide rails (to be used with Derby welded drawers or custom storage boxes). Custom sizes available.


Specifications and drawing floor mount single bunk

Specifications and drawing floor mount double bunk

Specifications and drawing wall mount bunk

Specifications and drawing optional ladder

Specifications and drawing optional steel drawer

Specifications and drawing optional safety rail

Specifications and drawing optional locking hasp

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Not available on-line. Please call (866) 233-4500 to place an order or to talk to a representative.