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Short Jail Toothbrush

  • Tired of replacing those safety smocks?
  • Stop damaging your safety smocks in the washer and dryer
  • New double coated smock material is easy to clean
  • Safe to use same cleaner as on your mattresses
  • Simply rinse off and dry
  • 100% sealed seams, RF welded - no stitches
  • Made from double coated 1680 denier ballistic nylon




Price: $82.42

Traditional design with flex technology.

Recommended for short-term use.

Price includes 720 pcs. per case.

(Sku#: 90010/CS720)
Price: $92.21

Flex design and pre-gelled.

Price includes 720 pcs. per case

(Sku#: 90011/CS720)
Price: $110.25

2 component design

Price includes 720 pcs. per case

(Sku#: 90012/CS720)
Price: $51.35

Limited supply.

Provides the ultimate in safety.

Price includes 100 pcs. per package.

(Sku#: 90001/ CS100)