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Derby recommends SEG-MAX™ for "That Guy". It seems as though every facility has a story about the person who tears up any mattress he or she is issued. Here is a cost effective way to combat those behaviors. Our SEG-MAX™ is the toughest sealed seam (RF welded) mattress on the market. RF welded seams require no additional adhesives to be "painted" on the seams, as is common with sewn mattresses. SEG-MAX™ features a cover made of heavy weight polyurethane coated ballistic rip-stop material, providing our greatest seam strength- independently tested. We apply an internal security stitch as an additional security feature. Like all of our mattress products, SEG-MAX™ contains no manufacturing byproduct such as polypropylene film, silk film, or other foreign material detrimental to a secure area.


All flammability testing documentation available upon request.

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