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Pinnacle Mattress - BRD Vinyl Foam

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The BRD Vinyl Foam Pinnacle offers the safety and health benefits of a sealed seam mattress at an entry level price.  These make perfect homeless shelter mattresses and transitional housing mattresses.  Bed bugs like places to hide.  Zippered bed bug covers and other zippered mattess covers are often loose fitting, providing contour (places to hide).  100% sealed seams and our snug-fitting cover material make our mattresses bed bug proof by not giving bed bugs shelter.  Comfortable solid foam core offers substantial support for clients up to 250lbs.  Durable sealed heavy weight vinyl cover (no zippers) is waterproof- locking out urine and other bodily fluids.  This mattress can be easily cleaned with and disinfected.  Custom sizes available.



For international and large orders call for custom freight quote.